Sunday, 19 January 2014

Converting engines from rF1 to rF2 & Download

Here we are again, and some things have changed. The whole process has been simplified a lot, a bunch of unnecessary parameters removed, and a few additional features are in. At this point, for most people, it'll only be a few clicks to get a basic rF2 engine in place. Also, it's up for download. So, here you go!

The main parameters to look at are choke RPM. There's a point at high RPMs where the engine's power output is limited by how much air it can pull in from outside, which is the idea behind having air restrictors on engines to reduce their power output. But since the throttle pedal in a car does something similar, it reacts differently at different RPMs, hence why engines always seem so twitchy and sensitive at low RPMs compared to what we're used to in rF1. If your engine's too twitchy at low RPMs, pull Choke RPM down. But remember, a lot of race engines are tuned for performance at high RPMs, so this is sometimes just a necessary evil in them.

That's exactly what's visualized in the torque curve graphic. Multiple lines are in place to illustrate torque output at 16 different throttle positions. This is just linearly interpolated in rF1, so this is quite a big step forward in rFactor's engine simulation.

I'll admit, it's not 100% there. There's a couple of parameters I haven't quite gotten to grips with, so aren't using yet. Namely pressure sensitivity. But hey, even without that, it's a big improvement over standard rF1 engines I think!

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