Monday, 8 December 2008

Moar smod

So yeah, my obsession with Smod carries on. Lemon remains my on-again-off-again project, as it has for the past year and a half, so I estimate it'll be released some time late '09 lol
That's not all I've been doing though. Got a bunch of other custom weapons working right now. First up, an M4. Four versions of it, one vanilla, one with an acog, one with a suppressor, one with both acog and suppressor. Custom sounds, working world model, no ironsights besides on the acogs because they're meant to fit into HL2.
One Two
Next up, BRII. Two versions, vanilla and scope. Uses that fancy subviewcam stuff. Huge thanks to veteran_gamer for helping me get that working. Most bizarre solution ever, gotta admit, all I had to do to stop it from crashing was add the weapon to override_class.txt, having it replace something else. God knows why, but it worked.
One Two
Next up, one I like to call the pwnzerfaust. It's a lot of fun... Watch this! *BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM* Did you see that? No, of course not, because the instant it started firing, everything was swallowed by a BIG FIREY CLOUD OF DEATH!
One Two Three
And last, a work in progress... One for any No Country for Old Men fans, the only one without a working world model, casings ejecting, etc. (but that stuff's coming soon)... Shotgun inspired by the one Anton Chigur uses.
Also, anyone who wants to complain about the ironsights, incorrect mirroring, etc. can shove their suggestions up their butts 'cause I'm not interested. *glares at Smod Tactical forum*

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